About Sandy

Sandy worked in the South African music industry for over 20 years, from the discovery of new talent, recording, promotion and management of South African and International artists. Her company was involved in the return concerts of Miriam Makeba, Caiphus Semenya and his wife Letta Mbulu. In 1993, Sandy became Miriam Makeba's manager handling her international and professional career. This provided an opportunity for her to work in many beautiful countries around the world. Sandy worked with British and South African television and on European Jazz Festivals. It was in 1994 that she started to develop her own Numerology system, this was enabled through the study and research of Tarot, Astrology and conventional Numerology. She found herself wanting answers to questions about her own life and searched through the different disciplines for the answers. Out of the disciplines studied, none provided any clear cut or valid answers until she discovered something that standard or traditional numerology had not taken further. She tested her newfound knowledge on herself, family and friends and it proved accurate time and time again. She was propelled to investigate further. At no point did she imagine that this would become her life. She has discovered something so absolute. Sandy is always learning and sees more everyday with each reading. Sandy has been on many television and radio shows, as well as appearing in various magazines. There is no one question that cannot be answered, you just need to know where to look.